Some Vital Information to Take Note Before You Brew Your Beer

Beer brewing requires basic skills and complete equipment to make a successful formulation. For many, they see beer brewing at home too difficult to carry out. This may be true but with all the right tools and complete recipes, as well as your ability to formulate, you can end up producing a tasty product.

But before you start the process, it is important to take note some vital information. Maintaining good habits and learning the basics can help the procedure become easier and enjoyable eventually.

1. Always apply sanitation around your brewing area

Sanitation is an issue which needs to be noted. Before you start, the wine bottles, buckets, and other equipment to use must be cleaned thoroughly first. The most crucial stage for sterilization is the time immediately after you cool down the wine, because bacteria will likely to take place while the yeast hasn’t fermented yet.

2. Cool the wort as fast as possible

By fast cooling your beer, you can avoid any infections to spoil it. One solution to this is to get the fermentation process initiated right away. Other brewers are even doing their own technique by putting the beer fermenters in the ice baths, just to turn it cold immediately. Also, instead of using plastic or glass fermenter, use a brew pot because it will cool the beer faster than using other mentioned materials.

3. Fresh ingredients are necessary

To craft the best beer, fresh ingredients are necessary just as you want to eat delicious cooked foods. High quality hops, malt, yeast, honey, and other required mixes should be well understood by brewers, as how to store them in the freezer without affecting their freshness. Keep in mind that there are some ingredients that can be stored in the freezer, but malt and grains for instance can’t. This is because they usually end up oxidized and will only ruin the flavour.

4. Boiling process

In the process of boiling the wort, there are some crucial functions taking place. The wort must be sterilized because there are lots of unwanted compounds to vaporize, the hops, proteins, and tannins bitter oils will be also released from the grains; they can fallout in the cooling stage. For desirable boiling process for lighter beers, the recommended temperature is 60 – 90 minutes.

5. Consider darker beer

With its flavour and structure, darker beers can help cover your mistakes in your first brewed batch. As if it can’t dishearten you. Try the stouts or porters flavour. After all, dark beers are tasty with its loads of flavour.