Some Effects of Junk Food on the Body, Mind, and Purse

Junk food is like a veiled assassin who walks into your house in the guise of a friend, in order to hurt you really bad. Everyone knows junk food is bad. Stopping it is the main battle.

Eating unhealthy meals is bad for the body and mind. In fact, even the purse suffers the blow from eating junk.

The first disaster that comes from gobbling unhealthy meals is the storage of the excess fat in the body. Many of these unhealthy meals contain a high amount of fat, which may not be completely used up by the body, and may be stored by the body in the process. This fat may either collect beneath your skin, making you evenly fat and obese in the by-and-by, or it may store around the abdominal region, which is worse, because it may inhibit the action of vital organs, especially the heart.

Obesity and cardiac diseases are major problems these days, and it is not surprising, seeing that junk food and snacks are being created and marketed everywhere. So when next you hold that tempting, hot doughnut, all rubbed in sugar, and pregnant with jelly, think of it as an inflater, rather than a snack.

Also think of the discomfort and stigma you will suffer when you pile on excess pounds.

A wise saying goes that “staying fit is done in the kitchen.”

Another grave harm that unhealthy food does to your body is that it predisposes you to diabetes. A single meal of many of these delicious snacks is loaded with more carbohydrates and sugars than your body will need in three days. Therefore, when you down a single meal with excess carbohydrate, another battle begins within your body on how to regulate the amount of sugar in the body. When this is done persistently, insulin, which is responsible for the regulation of blood sugar, may not be produced in the quantity required to stabilise the body, and this may lead to diabetes.

Diabetes on its own is a terrible disease that destroys the body’s ability to heal up wounds. Also, if the blood of a diabetic individual is infected, it could be fatal, as many of those microorganisms feed on sugar, which will be present in the blood of the diabetic. Remember that excess carbohydrate also leads to weight gain.

There are other evils invited by the junk-loving mouth. Sugary foods and drinks cause tooth decay, as the sugar present in them provides sufficient substrates for the microorganisms to break down the dental surface. Excess sugar could also lead to fertility problems in men.

As mentioned earlier, junk foods are unfriendly on the purse as well. I realised from real life experience and calculation that natural, healthy, and homemade foods cost much less than junks and, these meals, unlike the unhealthy ones, do our bodies a lot of good. For the most part, restaurants charge you for packaging and the time they spend in cooking it. Just assume that you’re paying top dollar to get your body damaged.

One of the greatest hazards of constantly consuming junk food is the risk of contracting cancer. Many of these meals are prepared with processed meat, artificial substances, and sometimes, even banned ingredients like some colouring. Regular consumption of these may predispose one to cancer. On the contrary, eating fruits, vegetables and natural meals contain essential vitamins and minerals necessary for proper growth, development and enhanced immunity.

Garlic and ginger are good for the heart; onion and carrot are good for the eyes; other fruits and vegetables also usher in a barrage of healthy benefits, in taste, and in benefits to the body, mind and purse.

It is important to always eat healthy and eat right. Not all food that “glitters” is “gold”.